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Title: Fireproof
Artist: The National
Album: Trouble Will Find Me
Plays: 12359
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Title: Seven Nation Army
Artist: Melanie Martinez
Album: The Voice Season 3
Plays: 16993

Never-Ending Playlist
Melanie Martinez
- Seven Nation Army (Cover)

Title: Can't Tell Me Nothing
Artist: Kanye West
Album: Graduation
Plays: 4665
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Title: Do or Die
Artist: Flux Pavilion & Childish Gambino
Album: Blow the Roof
Plays: 1107


Flux Pavilion & Childish Gambino - Do or Die
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Title: Give Me Love (use headphones)
Artist: Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran
Plays: 108536
Give Me Love - Demi Lovato (left ear) and Ed Sheeran (right ear)
(credit to +)
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Title: About A Girl
Artist: The Academy Is...
Album: Fast Times at Barrington High
Plays: 11605


About A Girl | The Academy Is…

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Title: And the World Was Gone
Artist: Snow Ghosts
Album: A Small Murmuration
Plays: 1039

And the World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts

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PAVONI Couture Spring/Summer 2013

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